All Natural Collagen

With 8,000mg of pure collagen in each bottle, Willow Green’s Liquid Collagen Protein is packed with anti-aging goodness!

No Preservatives

100% Natural


Whole Spices

No Preservatives

100% Natural


Whole Spices

You deserve a little gift that says “love”.

Now that we’re all out-and-about again, it’s easy to feel run down. The last thing you want is to start missing out!

Willow Green natural collagen will help protect you from low energy by aiding:

🌿Better sleep
🌿Faster recovery
🌿Healthy joints
🌿Clear skin

Marine Collagen Benefits

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It is the protein in the connective tissues that holds the body together, providing it strength and structure.

Studies have also shown that long term consumption of collagen from fish scales helps tissue regeneration and the maintenance of skin, bones, and joints. It is a good source of vitality and health for the body. Marine collagen has smaller molecular size which can be absorbed by the body more efficiently compared to other collagen types.

“Health is priceless. Please take care of yourself and your family’s health. Collagen improves the body’s immune system. A good partner for a healthy life.”

– Chen Shucheng

Meet the founder, Mrs Foo.

Willow Green (a direct translation from the Chinese characters Liu qing) was a visionary, a role model, and the founder of the brand that bears her name. She was a challenger who proved that anything was possible. Liu Qing started her business with a simple premise: Anyone who seeks to can age gracefully.

“When I first tried Willow Green Jelly, I thought it was an ordinary dessert. After eating it daily for a week, my complexion improved and the skin around my eyes seemed more lifted. My friends commented that I looked better and less tired. After I continued to take it daily, I could powder my face more easily and my makeup lasted longer. I also noticed that the fine lines around my eyes seemed to have lessened. Even my clients asked me, “What did you do for your face?”. I just ate the marine collagen jelly every day. I like that it is tasty without being too sweet – I can eat it without guilt!”

Mystery Person
Stella Leung
Makeup Artist

“I’ve always thought that “anti-ageing” is an advertising lingo, until I tried Willow Green Jelly. It’s got a “Q” texture and a natural pandan taste that I love. After having it for a few months, my skin and complexion look much better.”

Mystery Person
Le Yao
Local Artiste

“Willow Green Jelly was delicious at first tastings, and after eating it for a few days, it was hard to give it up. Knowing that it is highly enriched with collagen, I’m having it for the long haul, and would recommend it to family and friends.”

Mystery Person
Huang Pei Ru
Former Television Artiste

“I love Willow Green  Jelly… it is delicious, refreshingly sweet and has absolutely no hint of fishy flavour. My skin looks smoother and my wrinkles seemed to have reduced after I started eating it regularly. Friends have commented that my skin is glowing and I do not look like I am 70! Dahmeh Marine Collagen Jelly is amazing!”

Mystery Person
Chen Shu Cheng
Mediacorp Artiste