Should You Consume Willow Green Collagen daily?
Willow Green collagen is 100% natural, sourced from food.

We all know that it takes time and regularity to build healthy habits. How does it feel when you skip a morning run, for instance? Do you lose momentum? 🏃‍♀️🚫

It’s the same with our collagen and the effects it has on your body. Consuming Willow Green every day means you’re more likely to keep feeling:


That’s why we suggest you build one bottle a day into your wellness routine. 😇

What is the best time of day to drink your collagen?
We’ve got some good news for you: Willow Green’s collagen is a completely natural food source, so unlike certain medicines, there are no rules 🙌

➡️On an empty stomach
➡️After a big meal
➡️On the go

Whenever you’ve got time to get your daily Willow Green intake is the best time

Luckily our liquid collagen is completely versatile – whether you want to drink it straight from the bottle, use it as an ingredient or refrigerate it as a snack, it’s ready whenever you are. 😌🌿

Where is Willow Green Collagen produced?
Willow Green is proudly made in Singapore.

Our founder Liu Qing (which translates directly from the Chinese characters Willow Green!) developed our recipe here herself. 🌿

When Liu Qing suffered a meniscus tear, she wanted to find a natural way to heal – that’s how Willow Green was born 💚

🌿 All-natural ingredients
🌿Sugar and odour-free
🌿Zero fats

You can be sure that you’re receiving only the highest quality collagen, created by people who care where it comes from. 🐠✅

How Long Do I Have To Wait To See Results?
We know you can start to see the results of Willow Green all-natural collagen in just twelve days… but some people have beaten us to that. 😍

We’ve had customers send us their results from only NINE days of consumption! 💚

Want to see how fast you can turn things around with:

👉Wound healing
👉Healthier skin
👉Stronger bones

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What Type of Collagen is Willow Green?
Willow Green is Type 1 collagen, which improves your skin health, bone and joint strength, energy levels and general well-being!😎

But did you know that there are 5 types of collagen? 🖐

Type 1 ➡️Makes up 90% of your body’s collagen and is found in skin, bones, blood vessels and tissue
Type 2 ➡️Found in bone joints
Type 3 ➡️Found in muscles, organs, blood vessels and intestines
Type 4 ➡️Found in kidneys and deep layers of skin
Type 5 ➡️Found in skin, hair and placenta tissue

We want to supplement the collagen that you need throughout the majority of your body, so you can get the maximum amount of benefits

Can Willow Green Collagen Help Recovery after Surgery?
Yes! Our founder devised this recipe when she needed help to heal a meniscus tear. When she found fish-scale collagen, she no longer needed surgery 😮

So, if you’ve got surgery coming up on your knee or another joint, consuming our liquid collagen daily will help improve tissue repair – both before and after 😌

That’s because collagen is the thing, we need to regenerate our connective tissues!

Can you consume collagen after having a baby?

We’re Here To Help You Through Confinement👶

During the confinement period, you need to look after yourself as well as your baby 💚

After giving birth, many mothers will experience hair loss, loose teeth and fragile nails. It’s all normal after giving your nutrients to create a whole new person! 🍼

Willow Green fish-scale collagen is here to give you some of yours back 🤝

Willow Green Collagen is not only known to strengthen hair and bones, it’s also a natural source of calcium – so it’s doing double the work on all the areas you need to focus on 😌

Get back to the real you so you can give everything to your family. Subscribe to Willow Green collagen today.

Does Collagen Help Firm up the Skin?

Yes! The best form of collagen for your skin is Type 1 collagen – the kind that makes up 90% of your body’s collagen which naturally deteriorates with age ⬇️

Willow Green collagen IS Type 1 collagen, so you can pump up your collagen levels and plump up that gorgeous skin 😍

🌿Made from sea bass fish scales
🌿 All-natural ingredients
🌿Sugar-free and odourless

Pour it in a herbal tea or cook it into a healthy soup – however you want to consume your collagen, you’re going to look a million dollars 👀

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How Long Should You Take Willow Green Collagen for?

⏰ The limit does not exist!

When there are so many benefits to our all-natural collagen, there’s no reason to stop taking it! You can consume Willow Green for as long as you like 😌

So you can keep enjoying:

➡️Supple and youthful skin
➡️Strong bones and joints
➡️Feeling buoyant and energised

Taken straight from fresh sea bass scales, Willow Green liquid collagen is the most natural supplement you can find 🐠

Keep taking care of yourself – subscribe for a minimum of 3 months!

Can Willow Green Collagen Cause Weight Gain?
Absolutely not. Our all-natural collagen has:

🚫Zero fats
🚫Zero carbs
🚫Zero sugar

So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about when you’re adding collagen to your wellbeing routine ✨

Made from fish scales, our collagen is also odourless, so you can add it to any food or drink without it altering the taste!

Start supporting your strength AND your diet with Willow Green. Subscribe online.

Why does Willow Green jellify after refrigeration?
Collagen is the same kind of protein as gelatin, so it will jellify in the fridge naturally – however, there is NO ADDED gelatin. We don’t include any additives or bulking agents 👏

🌿Completely natural
🌿Zero fats

That’s what makes Willow Green collagen 100% good for you 😍

Try jellifying your liquid collagen in the fridge to make the best collagen-jelly snack!

Why Is It Important to Drink Collagen?
To Take Control Of Your Ageing Process!

You might have tried a million different face creams – but we’ve got a better way to prevent any deep lines from setting in… ⬇️

Willow Green is an all-natural solution to aging skin. By consuming collagen supplements, you can reverse the depletion of your body’s natural collagen – the stuff that keeps your skin ripe and glowing ✨

Made from sea bass fish scales and 100% natural ingredients, there’s nothing in Willow Green collagen that your body won’t love 😌

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Why is Willow Green a great “Get Well Soon” gift?
🎁 Our recipe is made to aid recovery – if there’s someone in your life whose health needs perking up, you can make a huge difference with our liquid collagen.

👉Strong bones and joints
👉Better moisture retention
👉Kind for skin and hair
👉Expedite connective tissues regeneration

Is your loved one awaiting surgery for an injury? Or is their chronic illness affecting their energy levels? Whatever is bringing them down, know that you can help breathe life back into their day with Willow Green 💚

You can order the gift pack through our various online retailers – we hope they feel much better soon 😌🔗

How Long Will My Willow Green Collagen Last?
Is there an expiry date? ⏰ Willow Green collagen lasts a whole 18 months from the date of production. But you’d never know, because with its stunning effects, you’re not likely to keep it around for that long 😏

What this DOES mean is that you can buy your collagen in bulk – so you can keep up your daily Willow Green intake and not have to worry about running out for a while!

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How soon will you receive your products after ordering? 🛒

Your health and wellbeing are urgent matters to us. In fact, that’s why we created Willow Green in the first place! 

So, we know that you won’t want to be waiting around to receive your all-important collagen fix – that’s why you can order online with the click of a button.

We will have your products shipped by the time you’ve read the confirmation email 😎

Remember to stock up for your daily Willow Green routine – we now allow subscribers to buy for up to 6 months so you can get ready for the months ahead!